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“And the Day Came When the Risk It Took to Remain Tightly Closed as a Bud Was More Painful than the Risk It Took to Bloom.”


Behavioural consultation is a problem-solving and child developmental model which is used to determine a child’s needs and develop appropriate strategies to support and resolve any behavioural issues. It helps families determine the cause of their child’s social, emotional, or behavioural difficulty. At New Bloom Counselling we offer behavioural consultation in South Island to children with Autism and related disorders. Chloe McKinley also helps adolescents who face difficulty during the transition to adulthood. We use cognitive behavioural therapy, trust-based relational interventions, a multi-disciplinary team approach, and family therapy to help children and youth with challenging behaviours that interfere with their daily activities and social involvement. Typical challenges include sleeping, disordered eating, emotional dysregulation, aggression, toileting, ritualistic or repetitive behaviours, social anxiety, school avoidance, and more.

Behavioural consultation can also enhance social thinking and foundation skills to enable future learning and successful life transitions. Treatment plans include parent education in which we teach parents the routines and strategies to increase or decrease certain behaviours in their children.

The focus of Chloe’s practice is resolving problems through therapeutic means. She works with children and youth with mental health and special needs through establishing connection in an environment of acceptance, fun, understanding, relevance, and freedom to be themselves. She counsels and coaches life skills development with young adults facing a variety of today’s challenges. She offers therapies for couples struggling with relationship conflict and life stage challenges. Chloe also works with families in crisis needing support to know what to do and how to access available community resources.

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